Hazel Manheimer graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Fine Arts.  She received her Master of Arts in Art Education from Columbia University. Since 2012, Hazel has been studying at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York.  Her work has been exhibited at the school in several group shows as well as a solo show in 2015.

In the series, Can you buy a Rothko on Amazon?, the computer generated  bar code pattern is literally stamped onto four Rothko-like poetic compositions. Hazel calls attention to the irony in merging the early abstract expressionist movement of the 1950s with the mass produced art market and consumerism of the 21st century. This painting was just shown in January 2017 in the group show Louder than Words in Tribecca, New York. Other works using bar code elements are less literal in the simpler fusion of the enlarged graphic patterns of the bar codes with a subtler underpainting. Her collage, Cyber Monday, (not shown in this website), inspired this series. Hundreds of actual bar codes removed from the ubiquitous Amazon box have been layered into a midcentury modern-like relief. The imagery is a response to the changing lives and buying habits of the online consumer. 

Hazel’s paintings, Dot Matrix and Off the Grid, are placed resolutely within an historical context.  Acknowledging a minimalist context, these stenciled grid paintings call to mind the language of the computer screen. The pixilation and code patterns create an actual screen through which one views the painted surface. Furthermore, the pixilated dots soften the hard edge quality of the stencils optically and blend the colors from the underpainting. These layers merge a more fluid abstract approach with the mechanical application of the repetitious surface pattern.  Her four panel painting, Off the Grid,  total dimension 96" by 96"  (shown on the welcome page of the website) was exhibited in the Creative Mischief Show 2016 at the National Academy Museum.

Draw the line 2015 is an installation of 9 small canvases with mono prints of free flowing lines printed on top of abstract studies.  Her series entitled Function, (not shown on website), use the words and font of the Apple keyboard as her inspiration to reflect the patterns of how we function in life as related to art and print.  

In the exhibition, Black and White Perspectives: Works on Paper, Hazel exhibited a paper installation piece of more than a 1,300 black paper boxes screened with patterns and words entitled “In Memoriam: Looking for the Black Box", shown in the Sonia Getchoff Gallery, 2015